About us

The Cocoa Abrabopa Association (CAA) is an independent organisation for and by cocoa farmers from Ghana. It is not political and not out for profit, but seeks to create a better life for its members by professionalising cocoa farming.

Bright future

There are many challenges in cocoa production, but the CAA believes that cocoa farming has a bright future, especially for farmers who are willing to invest in their business and follow international standards. If we take care of the environment, future generations can continue to enjoy farming too. Developing the knowledge and skills of CAA members and their families and protecting and restoring the environment are essential to success.


The CAA started in 2006 as a small pilot project in the town of Bonsu Nkwanta, but before long it had members in all cocoa-growing areas of Ghana. Since 2009, the CAA has been UTZ Certified and Rainforest Alliance Certified. It now has a strong member base consisting of over 8,400 smallholder farmers and is headquartered in Kumasi, the capital of the Ashanti region.

Representatives and coordinators

Every year, CAA members elect their representatives for the Council at the Annual General Meeting. The Council meets frequently to discuss opportunities, challenges, and future strategies. The CAA has a management board headed by the Executive Secretary and thirty-five Technical Coordinators. These Technical Coordinators are based close to the members in the cocoa districts and provide advice on Good Agricultural Practices and farm management, as well as coordinating many CAA services and programmes.


The CAA works closely with the Amsterdam-based Ascot Trading, which sells CAA Certified cocoa beans from Ghana to buyers all over the world. The CAA usually signs long-term agreements with buyers to set up longstanding collaborations. This results in support for sustainability programmes and other initiatives which benefit the industry, the farmers, and their communities.


To find the nearest Technical Coordinator to your farm and community, please contact the head office of the Cocoa Abrabopa Association by calling (+233) 0322039927 or (+233) 0322037565. You can make an appointment for advice on farm management, our services, and on how to greatly increase your yields. To learn more about our partners and international activities, please visit our other website www.Cocoaforabetterlife.org.