Certification & Premiums

Since 2009, the CAA has been both UTZ Certified and Rainforest Alliance Certified. Certification is a way of monitoring and increasing responsible cocoa production. It improves our internal processes and helps us attain full traceability, improve personal safety, storage procedures on and off the farm, and community hygiene, and protect the environment.

Overall, certification is a tool we use to strengthen our position. This is essential in today’s changing global market. It will require the CAA and our members to make efforts to comply with certain rules. To help achieve this, we developed an internal standard with easy to understand explanations.


All certified members who sold cocoa beans to the Licensed Buying Company in their district are entitled to a part of the total premium. Every year, the CAA prepares a Premium Development Plan at the start of the season. This plan has to be approved by the elected Council. It clearly explains which percentage will be paid directly to the farmers in cash and which percentage will be given to farmers for investment, school fees, or other expenses. The other parts of the premium are used for the storage of cocoa beans at the port, running our certification programmes, traceability, training and sustainability, and community development. From 2010 to August 2020, the CAA received GHc65,547,608.00 – 50% of which was dispersed directly among members in cash. During the Annual General Meeting, the premium amount and share rates are discussed and set with all members, and paid immediately afterwards.