Transparency & traceability

The CAA can proudly say that our members increase their production three to five times, usually between two to four years after joining us, thanks to Good Agricultural Practices and the use of fertilisers and crop protection products. This should, of course, result in higher incomes for cocoa farmers. Unfortunately, fraud and corruption has been rampant in Ghana, with the first buyers of cocoa beans tampering with their scales.

We protect our members by making sure the scales are in good order by inspecting them several times a year and demanding that they are calibrated every year. Sales are transparent and supported by documentation, which is double-checked by means of a mobile app. In district warehouses, the weight of each bag is verified a second time with electronic scales.

Licensed Buying Companies

Transparent sales of cocoa beans are an essential element of our operation, which is why we work with selected Licensed Buying Companies (LBCs). We sign an agreement with these LBCs, detailing good buying practices. Our members can elect a dedicated member from their own community to be a Collector (instead of having a preselected Purchasing Clerk). They will also receive a set of scales from the collaborating LBC.
During the purchasing process, the scales are regularly inspected with weighing stones, to make sure that they are not tampered with. After every sale, farmers receive a signed receipt indicating the weight of the cocoa beans, the date of purchase, and the amount paid.

Mobile app

All sales data are entered into a mobile app by CAA staff, with the help of the numerical codes printed on the bags. We also use supporting documentation to ensure traceability throughout the supply chain, all with special coding.