Planting shade trees

Cutting down large and endangered tree species has been the trend in Ghana for many years. The CAA wishes to turn this around. For this reason, we recommend that farmers plant shade trees on their farms. We have selected various species for their ability to grow fast, their deep roots, which helps them collect unused fertiliser, and the shade they provide for the cocoa trees to ensure the ideal balance of sunlight and shade for cocoa production.

A healthy farm

Shade trees are necessary for a healthy farm. They can withstand periods of drought and heavy rains, which have both become more severe because of climate change. The CAA recommends at least six to nine shade trees per acre, from at least four different species. Our Technical Coordinators will visit farms to advise on which types of tree are most suitable.

As of 2020, the CAA has provided over 530,000 shade tree seedlings to thousands of members throughout all cocoa-growing regions.