Cocoa Abrabopa Pension Scheme

We want to give cocoa farmers financial security in their old age and during their working life. To do this, the CAA has a private pension scheme for its members. The scheme has six licensed board of trustees, including an independent trustee, who have signed a Trust Deed. Assets under management as of August 2020 are valued at GHc1,800,000.00. Claimed benefits are close to GHc300,000.00.

Two accounts

Each member who contributes to the scheme has two accounts: a “Savings” and a “General Retirement” account. Contributions are divided equally between the two accounts. Members can withdraw funds from the savings account one year after making their first contribution.
The savings account is meant to help members meet their short-term financial needs and to save them from having to borrow money at a high interest rate. The retirement account is intended for the farmer’s long-term financial needs. The scheme pays out the following: savings withdrawal benefits, a lump sum upon retirement, disability benefits, and death benefits.

Service providers

The board has appointed the following service providers to assist with proper management:

  • Glico Pensions Trustee Limited – Scheme Administrators
  • CIDAN Investments Ltd – Fund Manager
  • Ecobank Ghana Limited – Custodian
  • Glico life Insurance Company Ltd – to provide life insurance cover for members


Our pension scheme (CAPS) is compulsory for all and is part of the main registration process. In order to register, new members must provide a passport photo of themselves and Some form of identification. Members must also provide a reliable telephone number. Finally, a beneficiary list is required at registration.
In 2020, new changes were made to make CAPS even more attractive and successful. Members and their spouses who join and contribute are receive life insurance cover. Interested staff members working for the Association can also join the CAPS.


Each registered member is required to contribute the monetary equivalent of at least two bags of cocoa beans per year. A member may contribute in excess of the two bags. There are several ways to pay the annual contribution, consisting of either one of the below options or a combination of both:

  • Bank payment
  • Mobile money