Farmer Development Plan (FDP)

To help members develop their farms, the CAA has embraced the Farm Development Plan, an internationally recognised farm investment plan that looks at the current activities of farmers and their households. It then looks several years into the future to forecast their profits and losses. With this information, farmers can make informed and responsible choices about managing, expanding, and/or renovating their farms to reach more than 1.5mt/ha.

Tailor-made plans

The FDP produces a plan based on the unique situation of each member. It also produces a coaching plan for trainers in the field, so that farmers can do the right things at the right time. This process includes an interview, adoption observations, and recommendations.
With the FDP, farmers start using professional farming interventions, allowing them to gradually improve their farms to reach a certain yield level over the course of several years. This guarantees the minimum targets set for families’ livelihoods during this period.


  • We review the member’s current activities and support them in making investment plans for the coming years, including Profit & Loss forecasts.
  • We take into account individual farmer plans and situations.
  • We produce a coaching plan for trainers/farmers.
  • We measure progress using the fourteen adoption observation criteria.
  • A special app is used to make, monitor, and measure adoption observations on farms.