Mapping farms and Farm Plans

In 2009, we started mapping all of our members’ farms. This helps us determine their actual size, which is necessary to plan farm operations. Operations include: the quantity of inputs, how much labour is needed, and making projections for future production. It also enables us to measure how much members were able to increase their production by joining the CAA.

Forest protection

In addition increasing productiveness, the CAA also needs to know if its members are farming in or near forest reserves. We use a mapping method based on GPS technology to obtain farm coordinates. We then visualise the farm on the base map of Ghana. This base map provides information on elevation, water bodies, forest reserves, roads, and infrastructure.

Continuing effort

In 2019, the CAA had already mapped over 21,000 farms. However, since we are registering new members every year, our surveyors’ work is never done. After they bring their GPS devices to our head office, the assistants and GIS administrator take over. They ensure that the polygons are plotted and make a personal farm plan, which is part of the business plan, for each farmer.